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Visits to Cambridge for Consent

“We [the undersigned] are committed to the promotion, recognition and celebration of sexual consent. We will not stay silent about sexual harrassment and assault. We recognise that consent is a fundamental principle of all relationships and are committed to ensuring a positive and safe environment for all.”

We have created this pledge for Caesarian Sunday and beyond, in order that members of the Cambridge community can showcase their support for sexual consent and their determination to fight sexual violence and abuse


Every year over 400,000 people in the UK are sexually assaulted, while 1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted since the age of 16. At Cambridge for Consent, we do not think these figures are acceptable, and would love for you to be associated with us in our fight to change this. 

The Teal Ribbon Campaign is aimed at drinking societies, simply as a medium for addressing the culture of drinking and the danger this poses in Cambridge. We cast no aspersions on the societies that we contact and make no attempt to address the historic association of such drinking societies with misogynistic practices.














The Teal Ribbon Campaign is one of solidarity.


A large proportion of sexual assaults happen when either the assailant or the victim has been drinking, it is for this reason that we believe a show of solidarity is essential on Caesarian Sunday. These kinds of events can be hugely alarming for the more vulnerable members of our community - we want them to feel a little safer, in a situation which could otherwise have been extremely uncomfortable for them. In addition, we think part of the

issue with sexual consent is exposure.


People are scared to mention it.


By bringing it into such a public discourse, we want to further
ingrain into the minds of our community, that yes it is necessary, yes it is important and no it should never be forgotten.


We hope that as many societies and individuals as are willing will wear a teal ribbon on the day to demonstrate their solidarity with survivors of sexual assault, and show that they support consent and an end to sexual violence in Cambridge.

Teal Ribbon Campaign