Cambridge for Consent

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Visits to Cambridge for Consent


Consent Awareness and Respect Education (CARE) is C4C’s newly launched schools’ outreach programme.



Throughout the coming year, C4C hopes to be able to form lasting relationships with local Cambridgeshire schools in order to explore the importance of consent education and encourage its permanent place on school curriculums. We also hope to be able to sustain lasting dialogues with local schools through offering consent workshops run by Cambridge students.


CARE was conceived with the belief that limiting instances of sexual abuse and lack of consent ultimately depends upon increasing awareness and understanding as young as possible. In order to facilitate the ‘consent conversation’, discussions must begin much earlier. There is no point in encouraging communication if teenagers do not have the confidence or language to do so. It is on this basis that we believe open discussion about issues of sexual consent should not be confined to university students alone; we want to ensure that such discussion and information is available to younger students, who are in the process of forming their own ideas about sexual relationships and respect.